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Here are two vintage photographs of an old general store in Raleigh, North Carolina circa 1953. We’ve highlighted a large concert poster for jazz great Lionel Hampton on the side of the building, there amongst many other postings. (Sorry you can’t make out the rest; it took us an eyepiece to do so.)

Seeing an image like this, it’s easy to let your mind drift back in time and imagine life in the rural south over 50 years ago. We would love to see more photos of this nature, whether it’s jazz posters of the 20s, big bands of the 30s, C&W posters from the 40s, R&B ones in the 50s, rock posters of the 60s and even psychedelic concert posters through the end of 1969. (But not restricted to those descriptions!)

Sometimes the poster will be much more obvious than found here, but even if the concert poster, window card, broadside or tour poster is way off in the background, I will actually pay you for photographs of this nature. And maybe we can display them here with full credit if you like.

(A special thank you to the late, great poster collector Hank Thompson of Raleigh for the photos.)

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Lionel Hampton old poster photos

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