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I will pay top dollar for original jazz concert posters like these: Louie (Louis) Armstrong in the 1930s (poster has been trimmed on all four sides); Billie Holiday in Sacramento, CA, March 1, 1949; Ella Fitzgerald in Buffalo, NY, April 30, 1961; the John Coltrane Quartet and the Miles Davis Sextet in Los Angeles, CA, March and April, 1963; Dave Brubeck and his Modern Jazz Group featuring Paul Desmond in Buffalo, NY, Sept. 6, 1963; and Harry James and His Orchestra featuring drummer Buddy Rich and vocalist Ruth Price, plus Nina Simone and her Quartet and comedian John Byner in New York, NY, Sept. 20, 1964. These posters are all original, all printed before the event for the sole purpose of selling tickets.

Louis Armstrong  concert poster
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Harry James concert poster

These authentic jazz concert posters cover the biggest time span of any genre on this web site, literally spanning four decades. Collectors are often forced to choose between their love for the musicians and the attractiveness of the poster itself, as evidenced by the very drab nature of the John Coltrane / Miles Davis poster, an otherwise spectacular display of talent. On the other hand, the other five posters here feature both stellar talent and beautiful design.

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