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Here are four examples of original, authentic Beatles concert posters from the 1960s.  Most serious poster collectors want vintage Beatles concert posters from 1961-1966 only.  The vast majority of them date from 1961-1963, before the Beatles were famous; almost none were needed in 1964-1965, when everything sold out instantly; and then the boys needed help again in 1966 when most of their American stadium shows didn’t sell out.  I will pay top dollar for any Beatles concert poster of this vintage!

  Beatles concert tix on sale here poster  
cash for your stuff sign talk to Pete sign the Beetles  Xmas eve gala poster   hezwall Jazz club starring the Beatles poster  
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Details on the concert posters pictured above, all original, all printed before the event for the sole purpose of selling tickets: The Beatles in Cleveland, Ohio, Aug. 14, 1966; “The Beetles” way, way down the bill, New Brighton, England (a Liverpool suburb), Dec. 26, 1961; The Beatles in a Liverpool jazz club, March 24, 1962; and The Beatles in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Aug. 17, 1966.

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