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click here to see other people's dream postersOK, so we’re being facetious with this poster, but we did strive for historical accuracy: All of the artists, including those in tiny print, could have been there on August 27, 1965. It was an open date for the touring Beatles, it was the night before Dylan played his first full electric concert in Forest Hills, the Stones were between tours, etc. (All Elvis was doing was entertaining the awestruck Beatles – oops – at his rented house in Los Angeles. So let’s just say that historic meeting took place in Raleigh instead!)

ittle Fun? design your own bootleg dream poster and we'll display the submissions here with credit!Featured on this poster, cooked up by PosterCentral.com’s Pete Howard and laid out by our designer, Katie Fagan: The Beatles “In Spite of All the Danger” and “Help!,” Bob Dylan and the Hawks “Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window?”, James Brown “Papa’s Brand New Bag” (shortened intentionally, as a nod to all the vintage posters which often did that) and “Try Me,” Louis Armstrong “West End Blues” and “Hello, Dolly!,” Elvis Presley “Hound Dog” and “Crying in the Chapel,” and The Rolling Stones “The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man.”

click here to submit your own dream poster designThe support acts, down below in small print: Jimmy James and the Blue Flames, The Golliwogs, The Castiles, Bluesology, The Warlocks, The Mynah Birds, Joni Anderson, The Mugwumps, The Wailing Wailers, The Hour Glass, The Great Society and The Falling Spikes. How many of these artists can you identify, who all reached stardom later under a different name?

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